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Fiberglass-World - Custom Fiberglass Statues

Fiberglass-World Advertising Agency specializes in basic fiberglass statues and artistic craftsmanship. The high quality of our products as well as the creativity of our artists have resulted in cooperation with a large number of satisfied clients.

The company's expertise is in the production of various three-dimensional forms which can be widely used in theme parks, stage/set designs, advertising campaigns, events and display statues. We are a group of modelers, sculptors, graphics designers who, through their skills, bring into existence interesting projects, and through our experience we can realize the most daring clients’ visions. Our main domain is the production of various forms of three-dimensional advertisements and visualizations. Custom, handmade polystyrene / fiberglass decoration sculptures create a perfect and desired element in interiors and open spaces. Company specialists offer a wide range of services in the field of modern design, ranging from shop windows, restaurants, and pub decor to set designs and theme parks. We make fiberglass model-mold figures, Custom Fiberglass Statues and display items.
You can admire our fiberglass dinosaurs, life- size animals, fiberglass cows / horses, giant insects and whales in quite a few theme parks. Depending on our clients requirements, polystyrene / fiberglass items and sculptures can imitate other materials such as wood, stone, or metal.
A special protective layer, which covers our products, including fiberglass, polurethane resins, laminate, ensures long-term durability. Fiberglass-world, apart from interior design, offers professional counseling in the stylistic field.

Interested in some fiberglass Project ?  We help our customers through the entire process from planning to ordering. Contact us today!

Fiberglass-World - Fiberglass Statues Projects

custom-statues-sculptures fibreglass-statues-insects-live-size-animals-model animatronic-animals-dinozaurs

sculptures-human-custom-statues fiberglass-horses statues-figures-bottle-animals

sea-animals-live-size fiberglass-horses-cows-country-items model-forma-mold-cnc-sculptures

You can see our offer in the gallery


All products produced by Company are made in an environment-friendly technology. Their base material is foamed polystyrene in which we make all the sculptures, which subsequently are covered in a special protective layer - fiberglass -ensuring long-term durability. The final phase of production is covering our sculptures in paints or acrylic paints (depending on the client’s preferences mat or shiny) Our products, apart from precise workmanship and esthetic look, are very durable and light, which allows for easy dislocation of the presented figures and decorations

We use a wide range of technologies to make our figures:

  • sculpture building material: foamed polystyrene, wood, extruded polystyrene foam
  • the modeling coating: plaster, plasticine, clay, polimer clay, fiberglass-molds
  • reinforcement: gauze, fiberglass mat, carbon fibre
  • construction: steel. aluminium, wood
  • protective layers: acrylic, epoxy, polyester, polymerizing resins, and many more
  • Fillers: sand, metal, paper, glass
  • painting: resin color, acrylic paints, gel coat, top coat and many more.

Models, furnishings, forms in fiberglass technology, rigid and silicone:

  • in order to copy the model/figure we make forms
  • wooden, rigid, fiberglass, gummy forms, molds

Technology - How we make fiberglass statues

fiberglass statues, producer dinosaurs, Display Items  fiberglass animals, cows, horse, dogs  fiberglass figures animals items producer fiberglass dinosaurs animatranic Items  fiberglass fibreglass custom models animals end items  fiberglass TREX dinosaurs

You can see our offer in the gallery

Designing and equipping recreational structures

We offer services such as:

  • - theme parks
  • - amusement / funfair parks
  • - playgrounds
  • - aquaparks
  • - zoos
  • - museums and exhibitions

Realistic 3D sculptures Fiberglass

Custom -made realistic figures:

  • - fiberglass dinosaurs, contemporary and pre-historic animals, including exotic ones
  • - fish and mammals (sea mammals and terrestrial mammals)
  • - fiberglass farm animals (dogs, cows, horses, birds)
  • - fairy tales’ and film heros
  • - insects, crustaceans, larvas in king-size scale

Models, mold, furnishing, forms

Custom-made models and forms:

  • - utilitarian models, founding models, industrial casing
  • - wooden forms
  • - rigid forms- fiberglass, fibreglass
  • - soft forms- rubber


We offer designs, including:

  • - all kinds of open space with various sculptures
  • rocky landscape, volcanoes, caves
  • models and elements of well-known architectural objects
  • background, set, stage designs

fiberglass- fibreglass - statues-animals-decorations fiberglass-figures-cows-horses-animals event-statues-decoration-fiberglass fiberglass-items-animals-thema-park fiberglass-statues-animals-decorations fiberglass-figures-cows-horses-animals event-decoration-fiberglass-hors-horses-statues-life-size fiberglass-items-animals-thema-park